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Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners

Phosphor bronze fasteners are a type of fastener that is made from an alloy of copper, tin, and phosphorus. This combination of materials gives phosphor bronze fasteners a number of unique properties that make them well-suited for certain applications.

One of the main benefits of phosphor bronze fasteners is their high level of corrosion resistance. The presence of phosphorus in the alloy helps improve the fasteners' corrosion resistance, making them well-suited for use in damp or humid environments. Phosphor bronze fasteners are also resistant to saltwater corrosion, making them a popular choice for marine applications.

In addition to their corrosion resistance, phosphor bronze fasteners are also known for their strength and durability. The combination of copper, tin, and phosphorus in the alloy gives the fasteners a high level of tensile strength, making them able to withstand high levels of stress and strain. Phosphor bronze fasteners are also resistant to fatigue, making them well-suited for use in applications where they will be subjected to repeated loading.

Phosphor bronze fasteners are also known for their excellent wear resistance and low friction properties. The presence of tin in the alloy helps reduce friction, making phosphor bronze fasteners well-suited for sliding or rotating applications.

Overall, phosphor bronze fasteners are a strong and durable option that is well-suited for use in damp or humid environments and applications where corrosion resistance and strength are important. They also have excellent wear resistance and low friction properties, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

Phosphor bronze fasteners are available in a range of sizes, with diameters ranging from just a few millimetres up to several inches. Length can also vary significantly, depending on the application's specific requirements. In addition to these standard dimensions, phosphor bronze fasteners can be custom-made to meet specific size and shape requirements. Other dimensions include thread pitch, form, and head style.

Our company uses high-quality packaging materials and secure fasteners in its packaging to ensure that aluminium bronze fasteners are protected during transit. We also track and label each shipment to ensure timely delivery. Our goal is to provide these fasteners' best packing and shipping services.

Specifications :
Material: Phosphorous Bronze
Specification ASTM
Standards ASTM C54400
Size 1/4″ to 2″
C54400 Phosphor Bronze Fasteners / Bolts Standard IS, GB, BS, ASME, ANSI, DIN, ASTM JIS, UNI, ISO, and all International Standards
Phos Bronze Fasteners Material Specification UNS C51100 Bolts, UNS C51000 Phosphor Bronze Eye Bolts
Length of Phosphor Bronze C51000 H08 Washer 3 mm to 200 mm
Phosphor Bronze Fasteners/ Bolts Size M8, M12, M36 M5, M2.5, M16, M2, M6, M4, M20, M3, M24, M30, M10, M14 to M160
ASTM C54400 Phosphor Bronze Screw Standard: ANSI – American National Standards Institute
  • C54400 Phosphor Bronze Hex nuts are defined in ASME B18.2.2
  • ANSI B 28.2.4 1M
  • ASME B18.5
  • ANSI B 18.2.4 2M
  • Phos Bronze Stud Bolt length are defined in ASME B16.5 standard

ISO – International Organization for Standardization : JIS standards, ISO 4033, ISO 4032,

UTS – Unified Thread Standard :NPT, UNF, NPTF, UNS, UNEF, UNC,

DIN: 934, 931, 970, 933,

510 Phosphor Bronze Bolts, Studs Threads: UNC, METRIC, BSW, BSF, UNF or as required
  • Manufacturer of CNC Machined Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners, Nut / Bolt; up to M100 / 4” Dia, up to 1500mm lg
  • Manufacturer of Hot Forged Cda-510 Phosphor Bronze Hex Screw, Nut / Bolt; up to M36 / 1-1/2” Dia, up to 1100mm lg
Source of raw materials to manufacture Cda 510 Phosphor Bronze Bolts JSPL, Tata Steel, Usha Martin, RINL, Mukund Steel, Dhamm Steeletc.
Head drive: Slotted, Phillips, Six-Lobe, Phillips/Slot etc
C51000 Bronze Nut In Form of: Threading as per Gauge, Round, Hex, Square Etc.
Phos Bronze Hex Bolt Thread Metric Coarse
Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners finishing: black oxide,
Geometry, Zinc (yellow, white, blue, black), anodizing, Dacroment, plated zinc-nickel, nickel plated, Stainless steel: Passivated
Self-Colour, Sherardized, Bright Zinc Plated (BZP), Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG), Mechanically Applied coating and some special one like DACROMET
C54400 Phosphor Bronze bolting Test Certificate: as per EN 10204 / 3.1 Manufacturer Test Certificate
Ready stock available metric Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners
  • C54400 Phosphor Bronze Bolts M16 x 45mm DIN933
  • Phosphor Bronze Spring Washer M16
  • UNS C51100 Bolts M20 x 75mm
  • C51000 Phosphor Bronze Bolts M16 X 35mm
  • 510 Phosphor Bronze Bolts M16 X 60mm
  • ASTM C54400 Phosphor Bronze Bolts M20 x 70mm
  • Phosphor Bronze C51000 H08 Bolts M12 X 70mm
  • Phos Bronze Bolts M16 x 65mm DIN933
  • Phosphor Bronze Hex Nut M16
  • UNS C51000 Phosphor Bronze Bolts M12 X 90mm
  • Alloy 510 Phosphor Bronze Bolts M16 X 55mm
UNS C51000 Phosphor Bronze Bolts types Phos Bronze Flange Bolts, Hex Bolts, Lag Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Eye Bolts, Square Bolts, T Bolts, U Bolts, Counter sunk Bolts etc.
Production process machining and CNC for Customized connecting element, hot forging M24-M100, M2-M24: Cold Froging,
C51000 Phosphor Bronze bolting materials Surface Coating:
  • Cadmium Coated 510 Phosphor Bronze Fasteners
  • Xylon Coated Phosphor Bronze Spring Fasteners
  • Teflon Coated Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners
  • Ptfe Coated Phosphor Bronze Fasteners
  • Zinc Coated C54400 Phosphor Bronze Fasteners
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing Coated Alloy 510 Phosphor Bronze Fasteners
  • Phosphate Coated Phos Bronze Fasteners

Manufacturer of all surface finishes in C510 Phosphor Bronze Stove including  Galvanised, Zinc, Electroless Nickel, Sherardized, Geomet & PTFE, Dacromet.

C510 Phosphor Bronze Fasteners Packing: IN BULK: pallet, canton, carton / Small Boxs / pallet, or customer request

Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners Equivalent Grades :
CDA ASTM ASARCON SAE AMS Federal Military Other
C54400 B139     J461 J463                

Chemical Composition Of Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners :
Cu% Sn% Pb% Zn% Fe% P%
Remainder 3.50-4.50 3.00-4.00 1.50-4.50 0.10 0.01-0.50

Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners Mechanical Properties :
Tensile Strength, min Yield Strength @ .5% ext under load min Elongation in 2 in. or 50 mm min, % Brinell Hardness, min Machinability Rating
60 ksi N/A 10 N/A 80%
415 MPa N/A

Phosphor Bronze Hex Cap Screws Dimension Chart :
Aluminium Pipe

Nominal Size of Basic Bolt Dia. E F G H R LT
Runout of
Surface FIR
Body Diameter Width Across Flats Width Across Corner Height Radius Of Fillet Thread Length T ransi- tion Thread Length
  Max Min Basic Max Min Max Min Basic Max Min Max Min Basic Max Max
1/2 0.5000 0.515 0.482 7/8 0.875 0.850 1.010 0.969 5/16 0.323 0.302 0.031 0.009 1.00 0.19 0.016
5/8 0.6250 0.642 0.605 1-1/16 1.062 1.031 1.227 1.175 25/64 0.403 0.378 0.062 0.021 1.25 0.22 0.019
3/4 0.7500 0.768 0.729 1-1/4 1.250 1.212 1.443 1.383 15/32 0.483 0.455 0.062 0.021 1.38 0.25 0.022
7/8 0.8750 0.895 0.852 1-7/16 1.438 1.394 1.660 1.589 35/64 0.563 0.531 0.062 0.031 1.50 0.28 0.025
1 1.0000 1.022 0.976 1-5/8 1.625 1.575 1.876 1.796 35/64 0.627 0.591 0.093 0.062 1.75 0.31 0.028
1-1/8 1.1250 1.149 1.098 1-13/16 1.812 1.756 2.093 2.002 11/16 0.718 0.658 0.093 0.062 2.00 0.34 0.032
1-1/4 1.2500 1.277 1.223 2 2.000 1.938 2.309 2.209 25/32 0.813 0.749 0.093 0.062 2.00 0.38 0.035
1-3/8 1.3750 1.404 1.345 2-3/16 2.188 2.119 2.526 2.416 27/32 0.878 0.810 0.093 0.062 2.25 0.44 0.038
1-1/2 1.5000 1.531 1.470 2-3/8 2.375 2.300 2.742 2.622 15/16 0.974 0.902 0.093 0.062 2.25 0.44 0.041

Size Chart of Phos Bronze Screws :
Types of Phos Bronze Screws GRADE ISO SIZE ASME ASTM
C51000 Phosphor Bronze Flange Button Head Socket Screws 012.9   M3 to M10   F835M
Phosphor Bronze Socket Low Head Cap Screws 10.9   M4 to M20    
C54400 Phosphor Bronze Socket Head Cap Screws 12.9 4762 M1.6 to M64 B18.3.1 M A574M
510 Phosphor Bronze Countersunk Socket Head Screws 012.9 10642 M3 to M20 B18.3.5M F835M
Phosphor Bronze Spring Socket Head Shoulder Screws 012.9   M6 to M24 B18.3.3M  
Alloy 510 Phosphor Bronze Button Head Socket Screws 012.9 7380 M3 to M12 B18.3.4M F835M
ASTM C54400 Phosphor Bronze Flat Point Socket Set Screws 45H 4026 M6 to M12 B18.3.6M F912M
C510 Phosphor Bronze Taper Pressure Plug   M8 to M22    
Cda 510 Phosphor Bronze Plain Point Socket Set Screws 45H 4029 M3 to M20 B18.3.6M F912M
Phosphor Bronze C51000 H08 Knurled Point Socket Set Screws 45H 4029 M3 to M20 B18.3.6M F912M
UNS C51100 Cone Point Socket Set Screws 45H 4027 M3 to M12 B18.3.6M F912M
UNS C51000 Phosphor Bronze Dog Point Socket Set Screws 45H 4028 M3 to M20 B18.3.6M F912M
Phosphor Bronze Nylock Nut 8 & `10 M6 to M20 (Gr.8)
M10 to M24 (Gr.10)
DIN 982
C54400 Phosphor Bronze Hex Nut 10 M6 to M42 ISO 4032
Phosphor Bronze Spring Nylock Nut 8 & 10 M6 to M20 (Gr.8)
M10 to M24 (Gr.10)
DIN 985
510 Phosphor Bronze Hex Weld Nut 8 M6 to M12 DIN 929
Type of Phos Bronze Washers HARDNESS SIZE (in mm) STANDARD
510 Phosphor Bronze Hardened Washer Rockwell 26 to 45 (HDG)
Rockwell 38 to 45 (Coated)
12 to 56 ASTM F436M
Square Section C54400 Phosphor Bronze Spring Washer HV (430 to 530) 3 to 39 DIN 7980
Flat Section Phosphor Bronze Spring Washer HV (430 to 530) 3 to 39 DIN 127 B
Phosphor Bronze Spring Hardened Washer HV (300 to 370) 12 to 30 IS 2016
Phos Bronze Hex Head Bolt / Screws 1040N / mm2 min ISO 4017 (Full Thread)
ISO 4014 (Half Thread)
10.9 M4 to M80


  • High strength
  • High resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion resistance
  • High resistance to stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue and erosion
  • Good sulfide stress corrosion resistance
  • Low thermal expansion and higher heat conductivity than austenitic steels
  • Good workability and weldability.
  • High energy absorption.
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Excellent finish
  • Durable
  • Leak proof
  • Thermal resistance
  • Chemical resistance

Applications :

  • use in Instrumentation
  • use in Hydraulic & Pneumatic system
  • use in Automotive industries
  • use in Structural Purposes
  • use in Medical
  • use in Pharmaceutical
  • use in Economizers
  • Use in Condenser
  • Use in Furniture industries
  • Use in domestic applications
  • Use in bus body
  • Use in fencing
  • Use in Pulp and paper
  • Use in Offshore construction
  • Use in Food and pharmaceutical processing
  • Use in Desalination and wastewater projects
  • Use in Electrical Submersible Pump

Why Choose Us :

we are able to deliver on time for all grades of Brass Pipe . Our stock house always has storage capacity for keeping lots of order from our clients. We make sure that the packaging of ordered materials is done in the best way.

Although lots of options are available in the market, we still stand apart in the market in the field of manufacturing, packaging and export of our products. What really makes us different from others is our commitment to quality. With a vast experience of over four decades in manufacturing of pipes and tubes, we have great expertise and technical edge for the manufacture.

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