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Brass Capillary Tube

Brass Capillary Tube Supplier Exporter and Manufacturer
JF Engineering Products LLP is a major Supplier , Exporter and Manufacturer of Brass Capillary Tube. We JF Engineering Products LLP is the most trusted brand as the stockist, manufacturer and exporter of Brass Capillary Tube. Over products with the best quality in the market and the services intending complete customer satisfaction is what made us successful in the industry. We take care of everything from shipping to deliver and never allow lack in quality. Brass Capillary Tube are widely used for fabrication of instruments intended for precise measurements, manufacturing of parts of electronic equipments and other equipments. Brass is also used for manufacture of nuts, bold, screw, threads of screws, components of clock, gear metes and fittings of lamps and plugs.

We at JF Engineering Products LLP have established our competence in the field of Tubing supplying, export and manufacturing. Our constant endeavor to keep up to the best quality standard has given us the reputation of one of the best players in the market. We are dedicated to the supply of best possible deals to our esteemed customers. We are committed to quality and believe in long term professional relationship with all our customers.

This Capillary Tubes c44300 is generally used with fresh, clean waters free from suspended abrasive solids and originating from rivers lake sand canals. It may also be used with brackish or even saline water. The inhibition action of arsenic protects Admiralty Brass from dezincification and the fully annealed alloy can also withstand stress-corrosion cracking. In waters containing less than 2000 ppm dissolved solids its use is allowed at flow rates of up to 3 m/s (10 ft/s) in sea waters a maximum speed of 1m/s (3,0 ft/ s) is recommended.

Applications :

  • in Air Conditioner and Refrigerator
  • in Water Tube service and Distribution
  • Copper Measurement components in remote thermometer systems (with or without compensation)
  • in Fire Protection, Solar, Fuel/Fuel Oil
  • in Scientific research
  • in Chemical industry
  • in Thermal conductivity temperature control device
  • in Telecom device:miniature antenna tube

Why You Choose Us For Copper Capillary Tube :

We at JF Engineering Products LLP had stated our journey in 1972, and today we have successfully established ourselves as a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter and importer of a wide spectrum of Ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also have expertise in exporting capillary tubes, surgical pipes and tubes, bars, pipes, sheet and plate in stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, titanium, and carbon alloy. We have constantly upgraded ourselves in our field of tubing solutions. Over all these years we have a clean and proven track record of excellent services and exports in We export Brass Capillary Tube, customized services and assistance to our esteemed clients. With our endeavor to meet best international standards, we keep upgrading ourselves with the latest technologies and always aim for best customer satisfaction.
We export Brass Capillary Tube everywhere in the world

Specifications :

1. Superior elongation
2. Good corrosion-resistance
3. Climate-hardiness
4. Electric
5. Heat conduction

Chemical Composition :

Chemical Composition
DHP Brass Phosphorus – 0.015 to 0.035 %
Brass – Balance
DLP Brass Phosphorus – 0.05 to 0.012 %
Brass – Balance
TEMPER H, HH. ¼ H, O (soft annealed ),
OL (Light annaealed)

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