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Copper Capillary Tube

Stainless Steel Capillary Tube Supplier Exporter Stockist and Manufacturer
JF Engineering Products LLP is one of the main producers, exporters and suppliers of overwhelming quality Copper Capillary tube in different examples which are made of premium quality all tubing solutions and propelled hardware. JF Engineering Products LLP are the leading manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Copper Capillary tube With firm commitment to quality, as our organization is manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Capillary Tubes for our clients. Copper Capillary tube of High quality are manufactured and supplied by JF Engineering Products LLP , with a full and extensive range of capillary tube at none other than for wide application in your industry

Copper Capillary Tube are widely used for fabrication of instruments intended for precise measurements, manufacturing of parts of electronic equipments and other equipments.
With a large stock place for exported Copper Capillary Tube, we have been successful in providing our customers with products made of various materials. Our Capillary Pipes and Tubes are available in Stainless steel, Brass and Copper and all goods are exported and meets the international quality standards. This had made us the customer preferred brand.

JF Engineering Products LLP is a leader in Copper Capillary Tube manufacturing with various worldwide applications. We pride ourselves in excellent quality products with competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Our group of competent engineers develops and improves our products using specially design and advanced equipment to meet the special needs to our clients. With a strong sales team, our marketing member easily serves our customers anywhere.
Copper Capillary Tube is a long, narrow tube of constant diameter. The word “capillary” is a misnomer since surface tension is not important in refrigeration application of capillary tubes..

Copper Capillary Tube Price List - 2023 Updated

Copper Capillary600
Copper Capillary Tube502
Cu capillary tube500
Cu capillary pipe550
capillary pipe540

Applications :

  • in Air Conditioner and Refrigerator
  • in Water Tube service and Distribution
  • Copper Measurement components in remote thermometer systems (with or without compensation)
  • in Fire Protection, Solar, Fuel/Fuel Oil
  • in Scientific research
  • in Chemical industry
  • in Thermal conductivity temperature control device
  • in Telecom device:miniature antenna tube

Why You Choose Us For Copper Capillary Tube :

We always ensure that our clients get the best value for money. And if at all any after sales services are required we always make ourselves available to it as customer satisfaction is our prime concern.
With our well tested exported Copper capillary tubes of good quality, our customers never think of another brand when they came up with a Copper capillary tubes requirement. We at M.P Jain tubing solutions LLP with our team intend in only complete customer satisfaction is your best choice for Copper capillary tubes of any grades.
We export Copper Capillary Tube everywhere in the world
We have our own warehouse, so we can offer Copper Capillary Pipes best price in the market.

Specifications :

1 Grade: C10200 C12200 C2680 C27200 C27000 etc.
2 Outside diameter: 1.6mm-5mm
3 Thickness: 0.27mm-2.0mm
4 Coil weight: 5kg/20kg/30kg/50kg
5 Process Method: cold drawn and cold rolled
6 Surface: pickled or sand blasting

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