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hastelloy tube

JF Engineering Products LLP is one of the main producers, exporters and suppliers of overwhelming quality Hastelloy Tube in different examples which are made of premium quality Hastelloy Tubing and propelled hardware. The benefits of Hastelloy Welded Tubes are improved thermal stability and improved processing properties over previous B-family-alloys. The recently developed Hastelloy EFW tubes can treat acids that are stronger than C-type alloys, and will tolerate impurities that are not tolerated by B-type alloys. Hastelloy ERW Tubing were widely used for protection against the most corrosive FGD systems and advanced pharmaceutical vessels. As a phosphoric heat exchanger tube and for other processes in the chemical industries, Hastelloy Round Tubes has been extremely effective. Hastelloy Square Tubes have a high chromium content and are the prime option for heavy oxidising and mixed acid pickling solutions. Rectangular Tubed Hastelloy has practically an excellent corrosion resistance, with good ductility and a good corrosion resistance showing high-temperature stability of the 1200 degree F–1900 degree F (650 – 1040 ° C) range.

Our JF Engineering Products LLP is currently offering Hastelloy Tube for Industrial and engineering purposes. Materials can be stuffed for accumulation or dispatch that day as a request is set sparing you time. We will take care of clients necessities. We can likewise create non standard fittings and spines on speedy lead times, and ship products via AIR cargo or SEA cargo from both European and Non European makers.

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Features :

  • State-of-art manufacturing facility
  • Wide Product Range
  • In House Inspection and Testing facilities
  • Proven Track Records
  • Having rich experience of serving various sectors
  • Vendor approval with various EPC Contractors, End Clients and Consultants worldwide.
  • Good Technical expertise

Specifications :

Grade: Hastelloy C276 Tube, Hastelloy B2 Tube, Hastelloy C22 Tube, Hastelloy B3 Tube, Hastelloy X Tube.
Size: 6.00 mm OD to 25.4 mm OD
Thickness: 0.6 mm THK to 6.00 mm THK
Specifications: ASTM A-269, A-268, A-213, A-789, Equivalent to ASME, EN, JIS Etc.

Applications :

  • Use in Heat Exchangers
  • Use in Instrumentation
  • Use in Hydraulic & Pneumatic system
  • Use in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Use in Automotive industries
  • Use in Aerospace
  • Use in Medical
  • Use in Pharmaceutical
  • Use in Oil coolers
  • Use in Economizers
  • Use in Condenser
  • Use in LNGs
  • Use in Pulp and paper
  • Use in Offshore construction

We Offer stainless steel tubes in stainless steel, galvanized steel, sandvik stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, cold rolled steel, carbon steel, duplex stainless steel, polished stainless steel, inconel, austenitic stainless steel, tantalum, copper nickel with Seamless, Welded and EFW Form.

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